Win Championship in an A.I. theme Hackathon

A team of 4 students representing University Malaysia Sabah had won Championship in an A.I. theme Hackathon organized by the E&E Productivity Nexus (EEPN) established under Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) on 18 Oct 2020 (Sunday). This is the first-ever Hackathon competition that conducted virtually in East Malaysia.
This competition, Virtual I4.0 Hackathon East Malaysia 2020, participated by a total of 13 teams of students from 5 universities in East Malaysia. The objective of this competition is to Promote AI based Machine Vision system to Universities students, develop affordable AI based Machine Vision POCs solutions to SMEs, Nurture students to be entrepreneurs via business matchmaking between SMEs and students; and help students to bring affordable inventions to SMEs.
4 of the students involved, 3 of them are from the Faculty of Computer and Informatics (FKI) and 1 from the Faculty of Engineering (FKJ). They are Gan Jun Ming, Ling Hang Yek from 4th-year Software Engineer, Khiew Pei Jin from 2nd-year Data Science, and Yip Kai Xian from 4th-year Chemical Engineer. Throughout the competition, the students were under the supervision of FKI lecturer, Dr. Leau Yu Beng.
Their winning project titled A.I. Defective Glove Tracker is to solve a case study provided by the Organizer. That is to solve the current quality screening and control issue in the glove manufacturing industry. The project consists of a prototype that was built using Arduino board, Raspberry pi 4, Raspberry Camera module v2, ultrasonic sensor and LED. The team also uses A.I. Deep Learning algorithm and computer vision to detect the defective and non-defective gloves.

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