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A hatchery pool treatment includes the monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) level, water salinity, water pH values and also the temperature. Studying DO is complex and requires caution, especially in tidal and productive ecosystems. Low DO availability leads to perturbations in the bio-chemical dynamics of ecosystems, as many chemical reactions require oxygen and all aerobic organisms depend on oxygen for survival.

This project proposes to develop a live-weight estimation model to monitor the weights of the cattle and optimize the beef cattle farm productivity based on cattle physical weight estimation using a Deep Learning approach

Organisms including human, animal, plant and other form of livings use encoded information in deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA to determine their offspring physical form and characteristics. For plant such as rice, the encoded information will determine the physical form including as the height, the yields, grain size, aroma and others, whereas characteristics including resistance to disease, physical threat such insect, excessive water supply (flood), drought and others.

We are a leading Aerospace steels manufacturer. Our special grade steels are being used in commercial and military aerospace projects.

The demand for high quality vegetables are increasing and there is a steady increase of imports for temperate vegetables. Increasing production to fulfil the growing local demand and reducing import reliabilities of temperate vegetables are the two objectives of this research proposal.

In agriculture, it is not physically possible for farmer to go round and check the health status of each individual plant. That is only possible via a tireless robot embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle the work.