Endorsement from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

” Secara dasarnya, pejabat Timbalan Naib Canselor (Penyelidikan & Inovasi) memperakukan penubuhan program penyelidikan perdana fakulti yang bertajuk “Securing Bioeconomy Sovereignty via Agriculture 4.0”. Ini sangat bertepatan dengan niche penyelidikan “Smart Farming and Agri-Food Business”.

Program penyelidikan perdana tersebut akan diterajui oleh Fakulti Komputeran & Informatik (FKI) dan akan diperuntukkan bajet tentatif sebanyak RM2,500,000.00 untuk tempoh 5 tahun. Pihak FKI akan diberi kepercayaan untuk menyediakan serta mengendalikan mekanisme dan proses penilaian projek-projek penyelidikan bagi program perdana dibawah pemantauan Pusat Pengurusan Penyelidikan dan Inovasi UMS.”


Malaysia currently relies very heavily on food imports and this causes the nation to critically depend on other countries for its food supplies. In this sense, Malaysia needs to overcome its heavy reliance on food imports such as rice, fish and meats in order to enhance its food security.

This can be achieved by establishing sovereignty in its agriculture industry by empowering it with the liberty to manage and control its own state of affairs for food production.
This SBSA4.0 research grant scheme requires multi-disciplinary research collaboration which will cross multiple focus areas with the aim of leapfrogging Malaysia’s agriculture industry in order to secure its bioeconomy sovereignty.


The aim of SBSA4.0 is to produce both theoretical solutions as well as working systems and prototypes that will be immediately be usable by the agriculture industry on the ground.


The SBSA4.0 research grant scheme will address critical and real-world agriculture problems by incorporating horizontal and vertical integration solutions. SBSA4.0 is an umbrella research program which will contain several sub-programs that focus on specific areas of food production. This program will include both research and developmental projects that will generate tangible and impactful measurable outcomes in terms of agricultural produce.

General Application Criteria

The research grant scheme is open to all UMS academic staff. SBSA4.0 will follow the UMS “Skim Dana Khas” research grant guidelines and application criteria.

Special Application Criteria

SBSA4.0 applications must address the problems of agricultural production in one or more of the four following areas:
a. Rice
b. Fish
c. Meat and poultry
d. Vegetables
The final output must be a measurable target that increases the yield of the above mentioned agricultural produce in order to reduce the nation’s imports for that agricultural produce.

Strategy Chosen

In order to achieve this target, the research methodology must include elements of IR4.0 with the following general concept:
• IR1.0 – Machinery: Identify what machines are needed
• IR2.0 – Automation: Turning the agricultural process into an automated process
• IR3.0 – Robotics: Deploying robotic technologies in carrying out the automated processes
• IR4.0 – Cyber-physical Integration: Integration of the nine pillars of IR4.0


SBSA4.0 proposals submitted will be evaluated by a research proposal evaluation committee appointed by FKI to be chaired by the Dean of FKI with a senior executive representative from PPPI.


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