Doctor of Philosophy (CS)

PhD in Computer Science

Entry Requirements

  • A Master’s degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or its equivalent from any IPT approved by the Senate; OR
  • A Master’s degree or its equivalent in any field other than Computer Science/Information Technology may be accepted provided that the applicant has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science/Information Technology and taken all prerequisite modules in computing; OR
  • Candidates who are registered as Master candidates at the Universiti Malaysia Sabah and have obtained approval to upgrade by the Faculty’s Postgraduate Committee and approved by the Senate; AND
  • Fulfill other requirements as set by the Senate: Degrees awarded by local/private institutions of higher learning, including those awarded under any collaborative/franchising schemes with local or foreign partners must be accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)

Language Requirements

  • To fulfill the general language requirement outlined by the university.

Qualifications Accredited
MQA/FA 7170

Duration of Study

Full Time:

4 – 8 semesters

Part Time:

6 – 12 semesters

Research Areas for Computer Science

Nature-inspired Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Robotics, Behavior-Based Robotics, Artificial Neural Networks, Evolving Game AI, Multi-Objective Optimization and Metaheuristics, Agent Technology, Semantic Technology, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Augmented Reality, Neuroinformatics

Programme Fee

Full Time, Local Students

Total Fee Amount: RM 12,470.00

Full Time, International Students

Total Fee Amount: RM 27,115.00

Part Time, Local Students

Total Fee Amount: RM 16, 545.00